Smell Your Home Before You Sell Your Home

Attention Sellers! If a potential Buyer is met with a strong odor when entering your home, it will adversely impact the sale of your property.  This same Buyer who would normally consider a purchase will turn away quickly, completely ignoring all of the amazing features that your home has to offer.  They’ll be off to the next home on their list without thinking twice.  It goes without saying that any kind of strong odor…animal, smoke, cooking, cat box, moldy and damp odors are all major "turn-offs" and potential health risks.   

Additionally, most Sellers are not aware that scented plug-ins, candles, and aerosol sprays may be too strong.  If it smells unclean or potent, Buyers may “sense;” that fragrances are being used to hide underlying issues.  Most recent studies have concluded that natural, very light, fresh scents are most appealing. 

Unfortunately, the subject of odors in a home are often not discussed because agents, friends, and acquaintances will feel they might offend the Seller if they approach them with the subject.  We recommend that before your list your home, bring this subject up with someone you trust that will give you an honest opinion so that if there is an issue, it can be addressed early on. We will always let you know if we detect an odor that will inhibit you from selling your home!