Phone Call

Buyer:  Hi, I wanted to see if you could tell me more about 1234 Apple Street.

Paul: Sure, let me look that up for you.  Are you currently working with an Agent?

Buyer: No, I am just looking on my own.

Paul: Okay, there's the property on Apple Street.  It has been under contract for 2 weeks.  Would you like me to set you up on a search so you can get the most recent, current on-market listings as soon as they are entered into the multiple listing service?

Buyer:  No thanks.

Paul: Many internet sites do not recognize our properties with accepted offers.  They are only fed active, on-market listings on those sites.  You could miss an opportunity to purchase your dream home while in the process of driving around looking and calling on pending properties.  I can help you with that and it costs you nothing.

Buyer: No thanks.  I am good on my own.

Why are the majority of consumers so adverse to working with an agent?  Buyers can get better, more accurate information, more timely updates, and the actual, current, property status from an agent.  Buyers will refuse this offer of service 80% of the time.

Consumers want to feel that they are in control without having to commit to working with one individual agent.  They do not want an agent advising them on next steps such as suggesting they sit down with a lender to get prequalified or whether or not they want to put in an offer on a property. Consumers prefer to hold all the cards and "go it alone." Many buyers believe all they need is the internet and that source will supply all the correct answers to anything they do not know. This is a case of not knowing what you do not know. The truth is, sometimes consumers do not know which questions to ask and that is where a good agent can help. I will never forget working with a couple for months to get them into a home. They were first-time homebuyers working in a seller's market.  After several attempts of making offers without an acceptance, they decided it must be their agent's fault. I was completely floored to learn that this buyer, who had extreme difficulty listening to advice, was in fact a writer for one of the largest news agencies in the country and wrote for the real estate section!  

Not all agents are the same. With over 600 homes sold, we encourage you to reach out to us and talk to us about your goals.  We can guide you and provide you with the tools you need to get into your dream home with as little pain as possible.

Realtor Helping Buyers